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Man U star, Marcus Rashford, fulfills the dream of an American cancer-survivor by flying him to Old Trafford

Manchester United sensation, Marcus Rashford, who just recently signed a new 200,000 pounds deal with the football club has fulfilled the long time ambition of a cancer survivor by flying him to Old Trafford and paying for his game tickets.

Matt Waymont, took to Twitter to reach out to Rashford about his friend, John, an Merican who has survived cancer and was desperate to get to Old Trafford to witness his beloved club Manchester United play for the first time.

Waymont who explained that his friend beat stage three cancer, said his flights have already been paid for thanks to fundraising but they needed the match-day tickets for United's clash with Brighton, to  which the striker came to his rescue.

Waymont wrote on Twitter: 'My legendary USA friend, John, has beaten stage 3 cancer! He's a lifelong Man Utd fan but has never been to England or Old Trafford. We raised enough ££ to get him to UK but need help getting him to a match! Man U vs Brighton is our aim!'

Marcus Rashford replied,'Hey man, drop me a DM. I'll sort this for you.'

Rahsford didn't only refund his flight tickets, he gave him an autographed jersey and a get well letter.

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