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FIFA plans to cap agent fees, player loans

FIFA's Football Stakeholders Committee, which was commissioned by world football's governing body, will submit its recommendations to the FIFA Council ahead of its next meeting on October 24. The cap on agents' fees would see selling clubs limited to paying agents 10 per cent of the fee they receive for selling a player.

In addition, players' agents would be able to receive up to three per cent of the remuneration a player receives from a transfer.

Finally, buying clubs in a transfer will be prevented from paying agents acting on their behalf more than three per cent of the remuneration the player received from the deal.The committee will also advise FIFA to prevent agents representing multiple parties in a transfer in a bid to prevent conflicts of interest.

They also want to see the reintroduction of a mandatory licensing system for agents, as well as the establishment of a resolution system to solve disputes between agents, players and clubs.

FIFA is in the process of creating the FIFA Clearing House, which would oversee the payment of all agents' fees.

The recommended limit on loans would see clubs limited to eight international loans in or out of the club from the 2020/21 season, which would drop to six two years later. Furthermore, only three players would be able to move between the same two clubs in a single season.

The committee says its cap on loans would prevent clubs from hoarding players while ensuring a player's development is prioritised over commercial gain.

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