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Pulisic ready for leading role at Chelsea, but superstardom still a lofty aim

The American still has plenty of growing to do despite his huge transfer fee but he's in a place where he will have the chance to do so
It's not unfair to say that no player in history has experienced exactly what Christian Pulisic is facing at this very moment.
Sure, new signings have been asked to replace megastars that have departed for seemingly greener pastures. Pulisic is also far from the first big-money signing to make his way to the Premier League with the weight of expectations on his back. And plenty of star-starved countries have put their hopes and dreams on the back of a young player to become a truly world-class star.
But when Pulisic takes the field on Sunday in his Chelsea debut he'll be facing the pressures that come with all of the above, as fans from London to Hershey expect nothing short of superstardom.

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