I Can Choose To End Career Next Year Or I Can Play Until I’m 40 Or 41 – Ronaldo

Ronaldo told Portuguese television program that he would play until he turned 41 years old.

Speaking about his financial problems in 2018, Ronaldo said: “On a personal level, 2018 has been the most difficult year. It hurts when people question you, but thank god you’re innocent.”

Speaking about the rape allegations against him, Ronaldo said: “it’s terrible. But the people who love me know I’m innocent.”

Speaking about his career, Ronaldo said: “I can choose to end my career next year or I can play until I’m 40 or 41. I don’t know, like I always say, just enjoy the moment.”

Ronaldo wants to make history and is seemingly motivated by setting records.

“Are there any football players who have more records than me?” he asked.

“I don’t think so.”