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Anthony Joshua Aims Dig At Tyson Fury Over His Opponent And Calls Lennox Lewis A "Clown"

Anthony Joshua has aimed a dig at Tyson Fury over his upcoming fight and called Lennox Lewis a "clown" in an explosive interview.

Joshua's set to rematch Andy Ruiz for the heavyweight world titles but before facing the Mexican-American champion again, he has Fury and Lewis in his crosshairs.

He's called out Fury's September 14 opponent Otto Wallin while ripping into the former undisputed heavyweight king.

When Joshua was asked about 'The Road to Undisputed', he said: "I'm not focusing on that anymore. I'd had 22 fights and was talking about being undisputed. What am I going to do after? Go and fight Otto Wallin?"

Joshua also stoked the rivalry with Lewis who questioned his trainer in the aftermath of his shock defeat in New York.

"Lennox is a clown. I don't respect Lennox," he said.

"Me and Lennox are not the same. My legacy is to sit back and enjoy the younger generation coming up, and not to be involved. Just to appreciate what it takes to get there. Lennox isn't like that. Me and Lennox are cut from a different cloth."

To which Lewis replied by saying: "Wow! He's right! We ARE cut from a different cloth. Undisputed wasn't something I 'worried' about. It was something I went after until it was accomplished!"

On his new goal, Joshua added: "I became heavyweight champion, I unified the division twice, and now my goal is to become two-time heavyweight champion of the world. Once I achieve that, I can look at becoming undisputed champion.

"That undisputed stuff? It was right in front of me, but it was one of the biggest curses lingering over my head when I was champion."

Joshua has the chance to reclaim the heavyweight straps when he rematches Ruiz Jr on December 7.

However, there appears to be a dispute over the venue with the title holder adamant that the bout won't take place in Saudi Arabia. He wants a US venue as the second meeting continues to be clouded in confusion.

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