Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Daniel Sturridge offers £30,000 reward after burglars break into his LA home and steal his Pomeranian dog

Premier League star Daniel Sturridge has released an incredible video in which he begs for his dog back after his house in Los Angeles was ransacked.

The former Liverpool striker uploaded a clip of himself showing off the back door to his house in West Hollywood, which had been smashed to pieces as part of the raid.

And he asked for the return of his dog, known as Lucky Lucci, a Pomeranian with husky markings — supposedly the only one in the world, during the video.

In an appeal to those watching on social media, Sturridge said: 'Listen, someone has broken into the house in LA, took my dog from the house. Listen, whoever knows who broke into my crib, I'll pay you anything, I'm dead serious.

'I wanna know who took my s***. I wanna know what's went on. I wanna know why they took my dog. I wanna know why they took bags from upstairs.

I wanna know what the f**** going on. How can you break into someone's house in LA and take a dog? Are you crazy? You break into a house and take a dog?

'Yo, somebody please find my dog, I'll pay anything, I'm dead serious.'

Offering payment in another video, he said: 'Whoever brings my dog back, 20 grand, straight up. Straight up. 20 Gs. 30 Gs, whatever. Bring my dog back. Bring my dog back to this house, I am moving out of this b**** anyway.

'Bring the dog back to this address. I'll be moving out tomorrow or the next day. I want my dog back and I'll pay whatever, it don't matter, it don't matter the cost. 20 or 30 grand, bring my dog back.

'You aren't going to get more than that anyway, and if you are, let me know and I'll pay more than them. I want my dog back.'


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