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Controversy aside, retiring Yaya Toure was a generational footballing icon

The Ivorian has called it quits, and despite a less than savoury ending, his legacy and unique blend of qualities will be appreciated more with time
 At the age of 35, Yaya Toure exits the stage a veritable legend of African football, a player who, at his very best, bent games to his will like few others.
Yet, in taking so long to arrive at the decision, in the drama, in his agent's lack of discretion, there might be enough of a cloud there to obscure what was a fantastic career.
In all walks, it can be a tricky business separating the artist from his art – and Yaya was an artist in the truest sense, capable both of jarring percussion and silky strumming – and so it proves for the former Manchester City man.

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