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Champions League final: Liverpool and Tottenham each allocated 16,613 tickets

Liverpool have announced pricing details for their fans with the cheapest tickets costing £60, but only accounting for 20% of the Reds' allocation.

In addition 54% of tickets are priced at £154, 21% at £385 and 5% at £513.

Tottenham, who beat Ajax to reach the final, have not announced pricing details for their tickets.

Uefa has already sold 4,000 tickets to "fans worldwide" for seats at the 68,000-capacity Estadio Metropolitano stadium.

The rest will go to the local organising committee, Uefa and national associations, commercial partners, broadcasters and corporate hospitality.

In addition to the 16,613 tickets, Liverpool have been given 100 adult/junior combined tickets priced at £120 per pair, but there will be no other concessionary tickets available.

They also received 300 tickets for club staff and players' families and friends.

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