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Arsenal, Liverpool Target Nicolo Barella Offers Inter Milan Encouragement

Cagliari attacker Nicolo Barella says he’ll leave for “ambition not money”.
Barella is interesting Liverpool and Arsenal, along with Inter Milan.
“If and when I was to leave Cagliari, it would never be for money, but only for ambition,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport’s SportWeek magazine.
“I am not interested in a Ferrari or a stylish penthouse suite. I don’t play football so that I can buy nice cars.”
There is some good news for Inter in this battle to win Barella’s signature.
“I have always supported Cagliari, but my family are all Inter fans, so as a kid when Inter would win, I’d be happy.
“I feel part of a population here in Sardinia and it’s not just the support of the fans that I feel, but the passion of an entire community. It makes me very proud, while you celebrate victories more than anyone else and suffer the defeats more too.”

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